Eventide Integration from Southern Software CAD

Solution Summary:

Southern Software can deliver CAD data to the NexLog DX-Series recording solutions, enabling a richer and more complete picture of incidents.

Connectivity and Data:

Southern Software delivers additional metadata to the NexLog DX-Series recording solution’s database via the Eventide CAD API.  The inserted metadata is associated with ongoing or completed calls and then can be used for later search, replay and incident re-creation.  Southern Software is in complete control of which metadata and when it is inserted to the Eventide recorder’s database. Currently the data being inserted through this integration is as follows:

  • CAD Incident ID
  • CAD Incident Type
  • Callback Number
  • Street Address
  • City State
  • Carrier
  • Call Type
  • pANI
  • Location

Licensing Requirements:

  • Eventide licensing: API Access (Control and Tagging) P/N: 271102 (MSRP $3,495.00)
  • Southern Software licensing: Please contact Southern Software for licensing requirements