Recording for L3Harris/Tait DMR Tier-III Radio System

Solution Overview:  

Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series recording solutions (and original NexLog recorders) provide archival and instant recall recording for the L3Harris/Tait DMR Tier-III digital trunked radio system. IP-audio and metadata that are sent from the DMR Node’s Voice Recording Interface are reliably recorded and archived. Recordings are instantly available for replay, research, incident reconstruction and export. The same Eventide recording solution can also record dispatch consoles, telephones and PC screens.

Audio Capture Method:

Recording of IP audio feeds via the Tait DMR Voice Recording Protocol (VRP)

Codec Support:

AMBE+2 Vocoder (DMR Standard)

Metadata Search Parameters:

  • Radio ID
  • Destination ID or Group ID
  • Date & Time

Location on PTT:

GPS location can be captured via VRP on each PTT transmission from a GPS-equipped subscriber unit.  The location data can optionally be searched and displayed using MediaWorks DX software’s forensic geolocation capabilities.  The Tait DMR Tier-III node controller must also be licensed for location features.

Validation by TAIT:

The Eventide integration to Tait DMR Tier-III has been validated by Tait in New Zealand.

About Eventide:

Eventide is a member of the Tait Global Partner Program, and is a worldwide OEM supplier of DMR and P25 recording solutions to Tait.    

  Features and capabilities are subject to change.  Check with Eventide Inc. for current information and availability.