Eventide Integration to Central Square - CAD Enterprise (Inform)

Solution Summary:

Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series Communications Recording Solutions can integrate with the Central Square “CAD Enterise” (Powered by Tritech-Inform) CAD system. The integration will allow for tagging 9-1-1 call recordings with data from associated CAD incidents/Call for Service on the CAD system.  The additional data will enable a rich user experience by providing more context to 9-1-1 call recordings.  The integration will also enable the ability to search for and perform QA on recordings based on CAD Incident Number and other data received from the CAD systems.

Public Safety Suite Enterprise (Powered by Tritech-Inform):

  • A network connection is established from the NexLog recording server to a read-only copy of the Inform CAD incident database.
  • The user can configure which CAD incident data values are tagged to associated 911 call recordings.  The user can select any values found in the Inform CAD dictionary.  By default, the following fields are tagged.
    • Master_Incident_Number (Incident Number)
    • Agency_Type (Incident Type)
    • CallTaking_Performed_By (Initial Call Taking Agent)
    • CallClosing_Performed_By (Call Closing Agent)
    • CallDisposition_Performed_By (Call Dispositioning Agent)

Public Safety Suite Enterprise (Powered by Tritech-Inform) Licensing:

  • Eventide: P/N 271177 = Central Square (Tri-Tech) CAD integration (MSRP: $5,000.00)
  • Eventide: Licensing for a 911 Call Handling system that provides ANI/ALI
  • Central Square: Contact Central Square for required licensing

General Note on Recorder Integrations to CAD systems:

  • Caller ID/ANI metadata is used to make an association between incidents on a CAD system and 911 recordings on a recording solution. Both of these systems typically have the same Caller ID/ANI information for a given 911 Call and CAD incident. However, when either system has different Caller ID/ANI or did not receive it, an association cannot be made and CAD data will not be tagged to the 911 call recording. Performance will vary, depending on availability and uniformity of Caller ID/ANI; not every 911 Call recording will be tagged with CAD data.
  • For proper functioning of any CAD integration, the 911 Call handling system must provide a mechanism to accurately indicate call start/stop to the recording system. Examples are GPIO (Contact Closure), SIP Call Control (for each individual call), SIPREC (for each individual call), etc. Note that the use of VOX (voice detection) as a mechanism for call start/stop is not sufficient and can result in missing or incorrect call tagging.