Advanced Voice and Screen Recording Solutions For Mission-Critical Communications

Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series IP-based communications recording systems have been specifically designed for mission critical 24/7 operation in emergency call-taking, dispatch, air traffic management and other important communications environments.

Industries We Serve

Eventide’s NexLog Logging Recorders and Software are designed to meet the specialized needs of Public Safety, Air Traffic Control, Utilities, Government and Defense, Manufacturing, and other critical communication users.

Public Safety

Recording radio communications, dispatch, and 911 calls

Air Traffic Control

Recording solution for ATC, Radio and Ground Control

Government & Defense

Recording solutions for telephones, radios and screens

Fire & Rescue

Recording solution for Fire Department records and rescue agenceis


Recording solutions for security and dispatch communications


Radio recorder security radio communications


Recording systems for transportation facilities and railroads

Oil & Gas

Radio recording systems for gas and drilling faiclities

Corrrections & Detention

Recording solution for security radios, intercom, inmate, and visitation communications


Recording solutions for security, operational, and emergency radios


Recording solutions for security, operational, and radio communications

Healthcare & EMD

Record medical dispatch and hospital security communications

Why Choose Eventide NexLog?

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Maximum Reliability

Over 7500 recording systems deployed worldwide.

NexLog recording solutions are Linux-based recording technology providing maximum reliability and ease of use.

Cloud Technology

Eventide offers advanced cloud based recording and archiving solutions to meet the needs of any organization.  Choices include NexLog recorders hosted on Amazon Web Services (AWS), NexLog cloud archivers hosted on AWS, NexLog recorders on public/private VMWare cloud, and archiving to cloud-based Network Attached Storage services.

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