Eventide NexLog DX-Series Communications Recorders and software are designed to meet the specialized needs of public safety and other critical communication users. We fully meet our customers’ needs for Safety & Security Recording through outstanding system reliability, extensive compatibility with important communication systems, and continuous product innovation.

We provide the following products for your communications and recording needs:

Nexlog DX-Series Recording

IP-based Advanced Recording Solutions and Software For Mission Critical 24/7 Communications and Operations

MediaWorks DX Software

Advanced Incident Reconstruction, Multi-Channel Replay, Instant Recall, Live Monitor, Reconstruct Incidents and more

Quality Factor DX Software

Agent Evaluation, Scoring, and Performance Trend Reporting, with templates for Case Evaluation and Scoring

Engine DX

Highly-flexible Reporting Engine DX option, provides Actionable Information and Insight to Managers and Supervisors

DX PC Screen Recording

Adds Outstanding Insight Into Operational Accuracy and Quality, Capture all activity on up to six connected display screens

Our extreme flexibility allows use on any modern browser and device, including:





NexLog DX Series Communications Recorders are compatible with a wide range of devices and operating systems Mac, Windows, Android and iOS devices.

Designed, Assembled and Supported in the USA

NexLog DX-Series communications recorders and software applications are developed and maintained in the USA by Eventide’s highly-talented engineering team – assuring prompt responses to changing market needs and customer requirements. In addition, all NexLog DX-Series recorders are assembled, tested, and supported at our New Jersey USA production and support facility.