Eventide Integration with Tyler Technologies New World Enterprise CAD

Solution Summary: 

Eventide’s NexLog and NexLog DX-Series recording solutions can integrate with the Tyler Technologies – New World Enterprise Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) system. This integration allows for tagging of 9-1-1 call recordings with data from associated CAD incidents/Call for Service on the CAD system. The additional data enables a richer user experience by providing more context to 9-1-1 call recordings. It also enables the ability to search for recordings based on CAD Incident Number or any other CAD data tagged to the recordings.

Connectivity and Data:

The integration was developed based on the Tyler Technologies Enterprise CAD Standard Exporter.  The CAD system will send XML formatted incident/call for service records to the recorder.  The Recorder will attach any CAD data selected by the user. These typically include the following fields; however, the user can select from any available data included in the Enterprise CAD Standard Exporter

  • CAD Incident Number
  • Location (if provided by the CAD system)
  • CAD Agent ID
  • Nature of Call

Note: Depending on the work flow process at each PSAP, CAD incidents/Call for Service XML files may not be generated with every 911 call handled.

Recording Channel and Licensing Requirements:

  • P/N 271178 – Tyler Technologies CAD Integration License (MSRP: $5,000.00)
  • System must also be licensed and configured for recording a 9-1-1 Call Handling system that provides ANI/ALI