Recording for Motorola ASTRO 25

Solution Overview:

Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series recording solutions (and original NexLog recorders) reliably record and archive calls & metadata on Motorola ASTRO 25 talk groups and conventional channels.  Recordings are immediately available for replay, instant recall, incident reconstruction and export.  More than 200 Eventide AIS/P25 recording systems have been sold.  The same recording solution can also record 9‐1‐1/NG9‐1‐1 interactions, administrative phones and PC screens.

Audio recording capabilities via Motorola AIS/VPM interface:

  • Records calls on P25 TalkGroups
  • Records calls on P25 Conventional Channels (for Channels connected to ASTRO via DCCGW/Router)
  • Records calls on Analog Conventional Channels  (for Channels connected to ASTRO via CCGW/Router)

Metadata tagging of calls (per AIS-provided metadata): 

  • TalkGroup Alias (for P25 trunked)
  • Zone Alias & ID, Site Alias & ID
  • Individual Alias and Unit ID (for P25 trunked and P25 conventional)
  • Conventional Resource Alias
  • Frequency Reference ID for Conventional with “frequency select”
  • Emergency
  • OTA encryption status (for P25 trunked only)

Technical Details:

  • IP audio and metadata are ecorded via connection to one or more Motorola AIS/VPM pairs.
  • Up to 4 AIS/VPM connections supported per NexLog recorder
  • Supports both P25 Phase 1 and P25 Phase 2 calls
  • Special licensing is required for AIS-based recording, per Astro version (contact Eventide for details).
  • Standard AIS-provided Alias strings (7-char) are mappable to user-administered custom Alias’

Connectivity Example:

ASTRO System Validation:

  • Integrations to ASTRO System Releases 7.11 ‐ A2020.1 have been validated at the Motorola Application Solutions Center
  • Integration to the older Astro System Release 7.9 is also available from Eventide
  • Eventide regularly validates for interoperability with new ASTRO releases, at the Motorola Application Solutions Center.

Features and capabilities are subject to change.  Check with Eventide Inc. for current information and availability.