IP Call Recording for Telex Dispatch

Solution Overview:

Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series recording solutions (and original NexLog recorders) support call recording for TELEX dispatch consoles and gateways.  IP audio streams are reliably captured, recorded and archived.  Recordings are immediately available for instant recall, replay, research, incident reconstruction, and export. The same recording solution can also record telephones, radio sources and PC screens.

Audio Capture Method:

  • Recording of IP Multicast audio
  • Compatible with Telex IP‐223 and IP‐224 units

Audio Formats Supported:

  • G.711 (64kbps)
  • 32kbps ADPCM

Metadata Captured:

  • Frequency channel number
  • Source device’s IP address
  • Line (correlates to Multicast group + Port Number)
  • PTT ANI (When available from the radio system)

NexLog DX-Series as replacement for Network Recorder:

NexLog DX-Series IP‐call recorders are popular alternate solutions for legacy Network Recorders.  More than 100 Eventide recording systems have been installed with Telex Dispatch systems. Features and capabilities are subject to change.  Check with Eventide Inc. for current information and availability.