Recording for Motorola Capacity Max

Solution Overview:

Eventide’s NexLog DX-Series recording solutions can record directly from the Motorola MOTOTRBO™ CAPACITY MAX digital 2-way radio system via Motorola’s Voice and Radio Command (VRC) Gateway.  Each VRC gateway can support up to 100 active talk paths.  One NexLog DX-Series recorder can fully support this capacity while simultaneously recording other sources such as telephony and dispatch consoles.  The NexLog DX-Series recorder can support connection to as many as 5 pairs of redundant VRC Gateways.

Call Types Supported:

  • Group Calls (Clear or with Enhanced Privacy)
  • Individual Calls (Clear or with Enhanced Privacy) 
  • Telephony Calls
  • Broadcast Calls
  • Site All-Calls
  • Multi-Site All-Call s
  • Emergency Calls
  • Transmit Interrupt/Talkover

Metadata Capture and Display:

  • Radio ID (Private calls will also provide caller ID and called party)
  • Talk Group ID
  • Start Time, End Time and Duration (Calculated)

Eventide Configuration Requirements:

  • Licensing for the quantity of VoIP recording channels that is equivalent to the quantity of talk paths (total simultaneous calls) to be recorded. 
  • License for integration to Motorola MotoTRBO Capacity MAX System via Motorola Voice and Radio Command (VRC) Gateway(s): P/N 209289
  • DVSI resources (4-port Net-2000 or 2-port internal) are required for playback of the AMBE-encoded MOTOTRBO recordings
  • Contact Eventide for solution pricing

Motorola Requirements:

  • Please contact Motorola for VRC Gateway licensing requirements

Features and capabilities are subject to change.  Check with Eventide Inc. for current information and availability.